• ElectricMayhem


    • Thunder Woman
    • Silver Flash
    • Green Panther
    • Nightdevil
    • Black Knight
    • The Creep
    • Sovereign
    • The Raven
    • John Strange
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  • ElectricMayhem
    • Heroes: Spider-Boy (Ben Reilly/Superboy) and Insect Queen (Mary Jane/Lana Lang)
    • Villains: Mystallo (Mysterio/Metallo)
    • Back Page: "If you enjoyed Spider-Boy's tussel; with the robotic illusion master, Mystallo, then you'll enjoy Spidey and Darkclaw's team-up, as they go to take down the Injustice Six, (Hydro-Parasite, Scavulture, Silicon Man, 'Lectron, Octainiac, and Rhinobo) and The X Trio (Omega Bane, Cyber Croc, and Man-Windigo), meanwhile, a new cat burglar, Black Swan, runs into Dare The Terminator, and things don't go well!"


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