Mandarinestro is an Amalgam Comics supervillain and foe of Iron Lantern, whose appearance for both the
Amalgam universe and in reality is in Iron Lantern #1.

Mandarinestro has a small base on the dark side of the moon, and has been plotting ways to defeat Iron Lantern and gain the power from Oa the Living Planet to become the most powerful being in the universe.

To defeat Iron Lantern, Mandarinestro first revived Madame Sapphire to kidnap Senator Ferris, who was in Coast City to watch the test-flight of an experimental aircraft, and then tricked the Green Guardsman into stealing the power-battery from Stark Aircraft, promising him the chance to replace Iron Lantern.

In the unpublished Iron Lantern #2, Mandarinestro has received the power battery from Green Guardsman, and is about to kill Kyle to use the battery for his own. However, Mandarinestro is defeated by the combined efforts of Iron Lantern, Madame Sapphire, Green Guardsman and Tagak the Lantern Lord.

Mandarinestro is an amalgam of Mandarin from Marvel Comics and Sinestro from DC Comics.

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