Major Zemo was a fictituous Nazi from the Golden Age in Amalgam Comics. His first appearance was in Super Soldier: Man of War #1, though his first (metafictional) appearance in Amalgam continuity was most likelyTemplate:Fact to have been in the All-Star Winners Comics.

Major Zemo was a top-ranking Nazi with a base at his home in Castle Zemo in Bavaria. He commands a division of troops from the SS, as well as the experimental War-Wheel, a large spiked wheel with a centre like a Tank from the First World War.

Along with the Green Skull, Major Zemo helped to plan the construction of Ultra-Metallo, and escaped along with the Green Skull when Super Soldier invaded the castle along with Sgt. Rock and the Howling Commandos, defeating the War Wheel and Zemos' SS troops.

Major Zemo is a combination of Baron Zemo from Marvel Comics and Iron Major of DC Comics.

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