Madame Sapphire is the Amalgam verison of Marvels Pepper Potts and DC's Star Sapphire


Pepper Ferris served as a test pilot for Stark Aircraft in Coast City. She is in a love traingle with her co-worker, mechanic Happy Kalmaku, and her boss, Hal Stark. Pepper has a rocky realtionship with her father Senator Harrington Ferris, whose stubborn old fashioned ways come into conflict with Peppers independent personality.

Pepper Ferris

But when Pepper Ferris comes into contact with a sapphire gem, she is instantly transformed into the villianous Madame Sapphire. As Madame Sapphire she battled Iron Lantern. After Madame Sapphire was badly defated by Iron Lantern, Hal Stark, who knew that Pepper Ferris and Madame Sapphire were one and the same, helped restore her personality.

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