Hyena is a villain within the Amalgam universe, he is a cross between The Joker from DC comics, and Sabertooth
from Marvel comics. Dark Claw's worst enemy, Hyena is also called the Cackling Canine.


Hyena was once a man named Creed H. Quinn who served in the RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force) with Logan Wayne. When the Canadian government initiated Project Weapon X, Creed and Logan were candidates to be tested on, along with four other "volunteers". Many of the test subjects did not survive the experimental procedures, Creed and Logan were the only ones that survived. Creed became an insane killing machine calling himself "Hyena" and Logan got an adamantium skeleton and claws, he would later go on to be the superhero Dark Claw. Hyena and Dark Claw would be mortal enemies.

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