The following code is meant to circumvent the fact that we have no control over the snippets used by Google and Facebook in search results and shares. Until such time as wikia is accommodating in making that happen, this code EITHER uses a custom "Template:DC Database:Character Template snippet" to fill out that snippet OR it grabs the first 250 characters from the disambig for the character's name or alias, depending on which exists. If there is no disambig, or (I haven't checked this, but it's probable) the disambig gets lost behind a redirect, nothing will happen.

Because this blurb will render first on the page, it will (in theory) be used instead of the contents of the infobox. Naturally, this text is hidden within a "display: none" div.

- Hatebunny; January 17th, 2014

Update: They helpfully created a much smaller piece of code that will use the historytext instead! - Hatebunny; June 30th, 2014


Script error

Amalgam Database:HeaderHistory of character is unknown.


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